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 Unlike back in the days when you had to line up for tickets to the movies just to enjoy watching seeing your films on the big screen, you can actually enjoy a movie-like experience in your very own home. With huge LCD screens, Blu-Ray media players, Dolby Digital speakers and Ambient Cinema Lighting  properly set up in a room in your house, you can enjoy the full-fledged movie experience without having to drive to the nearest theatre complex. Just place some popcorn in the microwave and you can be all set for a movie night with friends and family. 
 You may have the biggest LCD screen or the most high-tech speakers but if you do not have proper home theatre lighting, the full movie experience will be diminished. If you have a large room, you can even use a LED light Strip to light up the steps and create that ambient glow which can be seen in movie theatres. Back Ambient lighting, behind TV light, bulk head light, wall sconces, shelf and cabinet lights – all these can be used to add to the atmosphere of your home theatre.
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Consider the size of the room where your home theatre system is installed. After learning about the different types of home theatre lighting fixtures that you can use, take a good look at the layout of the room. How big an area is it? Is it exclusively used for movie watching, or is it a living room which you would like to convert into a movie room at night? The size of the room should give you an idea about which among the different types of home lighting fixtures are best used to achieve your desired effect.
Top Tips for Home Theatre Lighting
Learn about the different types of home theatre lighting fixtures that you can use. There are a multitude of home theatre lighting fixtures that you can use if you would like to create that movie house experience. Know how to avoid direct glare and shadows on the screen. There are a few more rules that you need to remember when lighting up a room where your home entertainment system is in. First, it is important to use low lights – but a theatre should never be completely dark. Use subtle lights so that the people inside can still move around safely instead of fumbling around in complete darkness for their popcorn or drinks. To avoid shadows on the screen, keep the back of the TV as dark as possible. You can also avoid direct glare on the screen by using LED Controllers or LED Dimmers.
Use fun accents to add to the theatre atmosphere. Finally, you can use fun accents like a lit-up EXIT sign by the door so that guests would know where to go if they want to leave while a movie is still being shown. Light sconces with film strip designs and alleyway lights should complete your home theatre lighting system and give you that full movie house watching experience.
 Led Light strip is able to generate many millions of shades and colours, it's easy to operate and more important -these colours are easy to change! LED lighting is not just something modern. Never before have people had such a flexible tool for any home decorative idea!  Today the most popular lighting is the color changing RGB one in residential properties: coloured light can be used to underline architectural details -niches, windows, cornices; as mood lighting in living room and as ambient light around TV or other entertaining units.
 The most successful lighting schemes rely principally on concealed sources, so that you see the light diffused over surfaces but not source of the individual light. By placing a LED Light Source behind you TV unit or Home Theatre you create the illusion of depth, resulting in less eyestrain and a more pleasant viewing experience.
With LED Light Strips and LED Bars you can create small pools of light whilst keeping ambient light levels low.
RGB LED strips are an excellent option for colour wash lighting schemes. These low profile strips can easly be incorporated in skirting, dado rails, picture rails or coving to cast light up or down a wall or across a ceiling or floor.
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