LEDs Lights for Display Cabinets, Shadow Box or Jewellery  KIT
-Miniature size allows for very low profile solutions.   Only 8-10mm wide and 2-3mm deep. - No need for drilling holes in the cabinet boards. -In contrast with traditions spot light LED light is   evenly dispersed without black spots. - Strips could be easily bent around the corners. - Very Low heat emission which preserving micro climate within the display enclosure. - LED lighting does not emit IR or UV thus   eliminating inventory erosion. - Easy to fix: LED bars with plastic brackets   and all strips come with self adhesive back.
- Display Case, Display Cabinets, Display Stands,   Jewellery Showcase, Art Display, Shop Product Display - Restaurant, Bar, Hospitality decoration - Cabinet light
Recommended Application
We also have similar kits as LED strips 1, 2, 3 and 5 meters long, please visit our Decorative LED Store or Contact us for help.
-Water-Resistant Decorative LED Strip  SMD5050 30 LEDs/m Warm or Cool  White -Power Adapter. Australia approved and  certified
-Water-Resistant Decorative LED Strip  SMD5050 30 LEDs/m RGB -RGB Controller with IR Remote -Power Adapter. Australia approved and  certified
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 LED Bars and Strips are a natural choice for Shop Display Cabinets, Shadow boxes, Jewellery Display Cases . Carefully designed display LEDs will drawn customer’s attention to the displayed product and the ability to change colours, light direction and illumination enhance beauty of the product.
Available Colours Warm White Cool White RGB Go to LED Shop Go to LED Shop
Accent Lighting
 LED Lighting can be used as a design element to focus attention on architectural feature or on a piece of artwork. A light placed inside an open cabinet can highlight the china or crystal champagne glasses inside.
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-Non-Waterproof Decorative LED Bar SMD5050 30 LEDs Warm or Cool White -Power Supply. Australia approved and certified. Optional - LED Dimmer 
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