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 Led Light strip is able to generate many millions of shades and colours, it's easy to operate and more important -these colours are easy to change! LED lighting is not just something modern. Never before have people had such a flexible tool for any home decorative idea!  Today the most popular lighting is the color changing RGB one in residential properties: coloured light can be used to underline architectural details -niches, windows, cornices; as mood lighting in living room and as ambient light around TV or other entertaining units.
 The most successful lighting schemes rely principally on concealed sources, so that you see the light diffused over surfaces but not source of the individual light. By placing a LED Light Source behind you TV unit or Home Theatre you create the illusion of depth, resulting in less eyestrain and a more pleasant viewing experience.
RGB LED strips are an excellent option for colour wash lighting schemes. These low profile strips can easly be incorporated in skirting, dado rails, picture rails or coving to cast light up or down a wall or across a ceiling or floor.
 If you would like to tangle the sheets with your significant other, don’t you usually put on some mood music and dim the lights in your bedroom? This is called creating just-the-right ambiance for whatever purpose it is that you have in mind. If you think that mood lighting can only be applied in the bedroom, think again. You can actually create the perfect mood in just about every room in the house. Whether you’d like your dining room to look like an upscale restaurant, or if you would like to have a theatre like ambiance in your living room, it’s all about using the right mood light fixtures.
 LED Flexible tape can be installed into confined spaces such as pelmets, coffer ceilings, coving under coffee tables, beneath sofa and your bed.  Hidden LED strip lighting beneath the bed would make it appear to float in a pool of light, and you could also add a colour wash effect around the headboard. Or, attach the strip under your bed, sofa or coffee table and your furniture will be floater under the floor. In minimal spaces, coloured light can provide just enough theatricality to lift surroundings out of the ordinary. The big bonus of the lighting effects is that you don't need to live with them every day if you don't want to, just make sure you put your lights on a dimmer or RGB Controller, so you can vary the effects according to need and mood.
Bedroom Lighting Decor  At the end of a long day at work, nothing beats the feeling of relaxing your body against a warm bedspread. If you want to get away a bit from family members and have some me-time, the bedroom also serves as the perfect getaway. More than just getting a good night’s rest, these are the reasons why it pays to spend enough time and effort into decorating your bedroom to suit your lifestyle and personality.   No matter what the size of your bedroom is, it is important to strategically place bedroom Lighting Decor fixtures. Even if you have the perfect bed, mattress and headboard combination, it will be all for naught if you have very weak or too bright lighting.  
Kids room lighting  For parents, nothing’s more fun than finding decorating ideas for their kids’ bedroom. Whether you are converting that extra room into a nursery for the new addition to your family, or if you would like to make the room more fun yet clean and organized, the key is to choose good kid’s bedroom lights.  Kids deserve good lighting too, and a well-placed LED Light Strip can create a great cosy atmosphere at night.  As an alternative to a night light or bedside lamp, a RGB LED Light Strip attached to a bedstead or bedside table provides a reasuring glow and still looks stylish for an older child .
“Underlit bed with LEDs - easy to do and very dramatic!” “I like the lights under the bed” “like the floating bed with lighting”
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