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Jewellery case
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Great idea for a home project!!!
Pendant light made from a vintage  basket and LED Modules
School Project!!!
 LED lights are eco-friendly, cheap, safe and fun to look at – so you can easily use them in your next project.
Teaching Kids to be Creatively Eco-Friendly
Here’s a quick list of how you can utilize LED lighting products as a teaching tool for kids in school: Demonstrate to high school students how diodes work by building a basic circuit using LED, wires and batteries. Create a small wire tree or a family tree with LED flowers. Make a jack-o-lantern project using LED during Halloween. Come up with a uniquely designed wire-free LED bracelet. Design a LED night lamp.
 School light projects are common in classrooms and science fairs in both primary to high school. The behaviour of light is an exiting concept, no matter what grade your students are in.
 Some of the most memorable designs are born more out of necessity than creativity. Combination of the different materials and LED Lights can produce spectacularly creative results.
 Looking for creative and fun lighting ideas? With some simple items around your home, you can light up your life a little differently.
This amazing jewellery case made by 12 year old girl from an empty chocolate box and RGB LED Light strip.
         NEW Articles:  Invented in Russia in the 1920s then mass produced in the United States during the 1960s, LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are a popular lighting option these days more...
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