LED Controllers
LED Controller 24-key IR Remote Controller
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 The IR remote has 16 pre-programmed static colours, On/Off ,   Brightness +/- and 4 dynamic modes.
LED Controller 44-key IR+ Remote Control  
   The IR remote comes with 20 pre-programmed static colours, On/Off , Brightness +/- and colour/pattern D.I.Y buttons. 
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LED Controller RF Remote 3 Channel RGB Water-Resistant
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 As name said LED Controllers usually control LEDs :) (LED Strips, LED Bars etc.). On serious note, LED Controllers are the big brother of LED Dimmers. They can adjust brightness as Dimmers do, plus they have a small processor that can dynamically change colour patterns. Basic models usually have patterns and colours pre-programmed, higher ranked models can customize colours and patterns or be managed remotely from a special console.
 Control flexible and rigid LED Lights. Suitable for SMD 5050, SMD 3528 or SMD 335 LED strips and bars. RGB or 3 x Single colours.
 LED intensity is adjustable to 256 different levels and for the dynamic mode, speed is adjustable to 100 different levels.
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LED Controller 6 Key + IR Remote 3 Channel RGB
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LED Controller RGB with 20 key RF Remote 3 Channel Aluminium Casing
The remote control can also adjust pattern speed, brightness, play/pause, and turn system ON and OFF.
Built-in microphone with sensitivity knob is used to trigger colour change in time to music.
LED Lights Audio/Sound Controller DIY Car or Home Décor
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Three Colour RGB LED Amplifier for RGB Controllers
Small RGB Amplifier that can be used with any of our RGB LED Controllers to extend the number of the RGB LED Strips or Bars connected to it.
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LED Amplifiers
LED Dimmers
 What is a LED Dimmer? In general a LED dimmer is a device that allows you to adjust brightness of the LED appliance. There are many kinds of dimmers that utilize different principles and you need to know more about them please visit our LED Facts page.
 RGB Amplifiers are typically useful in situations where length of the LED appliance (LED Strip or LED Bar) is longer than recommended for a single piece or where it’s being split on multiple pieces span across a large room. In other words if you need LED strip 10, 20 meters or even longer, you need an amplifier. RGB Amplifiers never come along, they always pair with RGB Controller and perform as a slave in this pair.
LED Dimmer Knob Operated. Single Channel
 LED dimmer allows you to adjust LED light to appropriate brightness in accordance to your actual need. It is suitable for single LED strip or single LED linear light. Suitable for 5050, 3528 or 335 LED strips and bars. Single colour only.
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LED Dimmer with Remote Control
 With remote LED dimmer, you can adjust the LED light to appropriate brightness in accordance to your actual need. It is suitable for single LED strip or single LED linear light.
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LED Dimmer Knob Operated + Remote Control
Adjust LED light to appropriate brightness in accordance to your actual need with remote or knob.
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Decorative LED’s Control and Management
In many situations installation of Decorative LEDs is as easy as plugging a power adaptor into a power point. All done all working. More sophisticated builds may need touch of inspiration and control granularity above simple on-off switch. And that’s task for LED Dimmers, Controllers, Amplifiers, Coders/Decoders  etc. Some of them are quite complex and require deep knowledge of communication protocols and electronic. Others just like a box with two wires and connector on each end. As we already stressed few times our aim is to help you to complete project by yourself, thus our focus is on “ready to go” components where no need for special skills.
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Mini LED Dimmer with Dynamic Modes
Universal single color mini LED dimmer can dim any 12VDC LED products using Pulse Width Modulation circuit.
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