Ready to buy? Supply voltage              DC12V Rated Output Current    <6A ( 2A x 3 channel) Output power             <72W Working temperature    -20-60 Size                                L63 x W35 x H22mm Net weight             75g Output                      Three CMOS drain- open channels LED Controller 24-key IR Remote Control  The IR remote has 16 pre-programmed static colours, On/Off , Brightness +/- and 4 dynamic modes. Brightness +( 16 steps) Brightness -( 16steps) Off                             On Static red                      Static green                      Static blue             Static white Static orange           Static pea green          Static dark blue 7 colour jumpy change Static dark yellow           Static cyan                      Static brown             All colours fade in and out Static yellow                       Static light blue           Static pink             7 colour fade change Static straw yellow            Static sky blue           Static purple             3 base colour jumpy Tip 1 : In all dynamic modes “Brightness +”/ “Brightness -” will adjust speed of colour pattern change, not the actual brightness. Tip 2: This model is basic version of LED Controller and has no way to customize colours or patterns. Connectivity diagram: See All RGB Controllers and Selection Guide See All RGB Controllers and Selection Guide Decorative LED Lights for Professionals and Enthusiasts Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia