Ready to buy? Operating Voltage:  12 Volts DC Connection Mode:         Common Anode (+) Output:                 Three CMOS drain-open output Maximum Load Current:                   4 Amps/channel (12 Amps total) Output Power:  144 Watts Overall Size:          (L)114 X (W)64 X (H)25 mm Control Method:   Wireless RF Remote Control Modes:                  13 total (7 static and 6 dynamic) Operating Temperature:          -20~60°C LED Lights Audio/Sound Controller DIY Car or Home Décor See All RGB Controllers and Selection Guide See All RGB Controllers and Selection Guide  The remote control can  adjust pattern speed and turn system ON and OFF. With 10 Amp continuous load capability, the controller can drive up to 30 meters of our Flexible Light Strips. For longer runs use our RGB Amplifiers. Built-in microphone with sensitivity knob is used to trigger colour change in time to music for pattern number 12 & 13. Alternatively, Line-Level audio input jack (3.5V p/p max) can be used to trigger colour change. Decorative LED Lights for Professionals and Enthusiasts Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia