Under glow Mood Furniture LED Light Kit Interior Decorating  Ideas  Make a nice addition and add futuristic flair to your modern home. Use  LEDs  to illuminate your furniture. Our LED strips can be easily fitted to any surface such as chairs, sofa, table tops, under beds etc. You only limited by your imagination. Curtain Light  RGB LED is a combination of three discrete primary colour LEDs in single case. Playing with different colour combinations and light intensity up to 16 million colours can be generated. -Interior decoration elements such as Ceiling or Wall light -Art, Display or Ad’s lighting, Picture Lighting -Curtain Lights -Furniture and Appliance e.g. TV back light and Contour light -Main light in space constrained places e.g. Working Desk, Bedside, Caravan or Van. Recommended Application  Desired colour or brightened can be selected and adjusted with LED controller . Which is a small intellectual unit with the set of preprogrammed modes that eliminating need for manual intervention. Infra-red remote allows hassle free management of single or multiple units.                KIT INCLUDES -Non-Waterproof Decorative RGB LED Strip SMD5050  30 LEDs/m - RGB Controller with IR Remote -Power Supply. Australia approved and certified LED strip comes with self adhesive tape on the back to easy installation. Bedroom Bedside Night Light  Your window treatment, curtain and drapes can be brought to life with our mood lighting Flexible led strip. The Led strip can be placed behind the curtain rod. Just set your controller and change the colours to suit your mood!  Bring your home to life! Décor your bedroom with colourful lights to suit your mood. Make a room comfortable and cosy after a long day at work.  In a bedroom, a decorative bedside light  may help to define the look of the room and add to the mood. Decorate your kids bedroom with our LED strip and use it as a night light. Kids will love its colour changing feature. Decorative LED Lights for Professionals and Enthusiasts click to enlarge Back to LED Kits selection page Light up your curtain and décor drapes on your window. Back to LED Kits selection page Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia info@volkalighting.com.au sales@volkalighting.com.au