Ready to buy? LED Dimmer Knob Operated. Single Channel See All RGB Controllers and Selection Guide See All RGB Controllers and Selection Guide Decorative LED Lights for Professionals and Enthusiasts  Single colour LED dimmer can dim any 12VDC LED products from 0 to 100 percent. Knob control for full intensity adjustment range. Maximum Load is 2 Amps, has male and female 5.5mm barrel power connector for connecting in-line with our  Power Supplies. - Working temperature:-20-60°C - Supply voltage: DC12V - Size: L61 x W33 x H32mm. - Weight: 55g - Connecting Mode : Common anode - Rated load current: <2A - Static power consumption:  <0.5W - Output power: 12V/24W Suitable for 5050, 3528 or 335 LED strips and bars. Single colour only. Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia