FLEXIBLE LED STRIP  Thought the LEDs by itself is not something new to our world, technology limitations and high cost were among restraining factors for it expansion for few decades. As soon as LED technology crossed the invisible line and become available to the public, LED Strips, Bars and Ropes quickly turned into one of the most popular Décor Lighting products on Australian market. Huge variety in sizes and types, colours and brightness, voltage and IP rating turned selection process into non trivial task.                                To get more info about specific term or product just click on associated link. Flexible LED Light Strip  Flexible LED Light Strips with SMD LEDs is one of the most streamline LED Light sources currently available. It is basically a low voltage (12V) flexible light strip that can be cut to length. LEDs on highly flexible strip with adhesive backing. Optional Dimmers or Control System Available See 12V Portable Power Supply Select LED Products: Ready to buy?  LED Strip is suitable for various lighting applications such as:  Shelf Lighting including edge lighting glass shelves, sign lighting, back lighting,  contour lighting, lighting architraves, cupboard and cabinet lighting, door frames,  edge lighting for steps, lighting for under kitchen cabinets, cupboards etc Decorative LED Lights for Professionals and Enthusiasts Back to LED Products Page Back to LED Products Page For more ideas in how to use LED Strip see our Gallery Page Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia info@volkalighting.com.au sales@volkalighting.com.au