Ambient Mood Lighting For TV or Home Theatre LED Light Strip for Interior Decoration  KIT  RGB                                                      Ready LED Kits Kitchen Cupboard, Splash back or Bathroom Water-Resistant LED Light  Kit $37.00               $35.5 $36.70  Latest Multicolour LED Technology up to 16 million colours The kit is very easy to install, 5 simple steps, takes no more than 5 min. Convenient control with 24 key remote 16 static colours and 4 dynamic modes (3 colour step, 7 colour step, 7 colour fade, All fade)     more... 17”-42”TV 36”-65”TV $66.00                                        more...              from  Kitchen Decoration e.g. Kitchen cupboard light, Splash back or Bench top highlight Restaurant, Bar, Hospitality decoration.            from LEDs Lights for Display Cabinets, Shadow Box or Jewellery  KIT     LED Light can assist you in  showcasing products,collectibles, art work, display cabinets, hand-crafted items, family photos and more. By placing cut to size flexible led strip lights or LED Bars in display cabinet can help you to optimize the visual appeal of the items on the display in the house or retail shop. $27.30            from · Decorative elements around Pool, Spa or Sauna · Outdoor Art or Exhibition lights · Fish Tank, Pond,Swimming pool, Garden, Fountain WATERPROOF LED Light  KIT   RGB $38.5            from more... more... more...  Add elegance to your kitchen. Highlight your cabinets and splash back, light up dark corners and make working areas more functional. Our low profile, high output LED lights offer an energy efficient and low maintenance alternative to traditional under cabinet lighting. Multicolour Chasing LED Strip (Dream Colour) KIT $176.50  Sometimes, a home simply needs an upgrade in lighting  to transform it and provide it with a completely new and unique look. With the ability to cut flexible led strip lights to the size you needed, you can place to the any surface, where they will bring the most benefit to a room. Underglow Furniture LED Light Kit  Make a nice addition for the modern home.  Use  LEDs  to illuminate your furniture. Our LED strip can be easily fitted to chairs, table tops, under beds etc. You only limited by your imagination. LED Lights will give your room a good dose of futuristic flair. more...            from $36.5  This Colour Changing LED Strip  is designed to establish ambiance with Dream Colour LED lighting. The Dream Colour controller controls each LED in the strip independently. Large number of modes and patterns available as well as Brightness and speed control. Kitchen under Cupboard lighting KIT coming  soon Back to LED Products Page Back to LED Products Page We are here to help you succeed on your project! There are hundreds of ways you can use LEDs and  make your own cool projects. We can do a customized order  for you. If you have an idea but don’t know how to implement it, please CONTACT US for help! more... Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia