Ready to buy? Flexible LED Strip SMD 335 Recommended Application : - Interior decoration elements such as Ceiling or Wall light  - Art, Display or Ad’s lighting  -Furniture and Appliance e.g. TV back light and Contour light  -Main light in space constrained places e.g. Working Desk,     Bedside, Caravan or Van. This list is far from being exhaustive. If your intended   application is not listed above, please Contact Us for help. Available Colours: LEDs per meter: SMD 335 30LEDs per meter SMD 335 60LEDs per meter SMD 335 120LEDs per meter  By its optical and electrical characteristics model 335 is identical to 3528. Distinctive characteristic for model 335 is that it side emitting, where models 3528 and 5050 are top emitting. Side emitting means that light beam direction is parallel to the surface where LED strip is mounted. This unique characteristic allows LED Strips of 335 series to be mounted in very narrow space 2mm wide and 6mm dip. Available colours: Red , Green , Blue , Yellow , Cool White and Warm White. Single Colour LED Strip Power Adapter Connectivity diagram: Decorative LED Lights for Professionals and Enthusiasts  Dimming can be achieved by using our Dimmers Back to Flexible LED Strip Selection Page Back to Flexible LED Strip Selection Page Home        LED Facts         LED Products          LED Kits          Gallery          Contact          Blog         LED Store © 2010-2012 Volka Lighting, Australia